disappoint-MLKIt’s something we all feel from time to time. Mostly we feel it from expectations we have made with another. It could be related to a business relationship, a personal relationship or a combination of both.

We all handle it in different ways. In different times of our lives, we may have handled it differently also.  Many get angry, and feel violated, used, or even betrayed by a friend or colleague. We may seek restitution, or revenge.

What I feel today is disappointment. I know it will pass and I know little will change in my life overall. I will continue to do what I am inspired to do.

What I have learned from years of dealing with people is, whenever we put our faith in anything less than our Creator, we set ourselves up for disappointment or regret.

The squishy, gushing, human love we experience as humans is fickle at best. It is subject to emotions, whims, outside opinions and personal likes.

You can see this acting out daily between our press and our president, between democrats and republicans, and between all manner of people, because, as humans, we have expectations that aren’t always met. If that wasn’t the case, we wouldn’t need an army, law enforcement, or lawyers. We wouldn’t even need laws, because we would all do “what is right.”

This could be the beginnings of a book, but few would follow, so I guess I’ll just end this with a phrase once shared by one of our great masters. It was actually shared by many of or great spiritual teachers of all faiths.

“Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.”

Peace and Love to you all.

rev jim

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