Christ Consciousness


What is the Christ Consciousness? What does it mean to me? What can it mean for you in your life?

To me it is God Consciousness. It is the recognition of God in and as me, and in and as my life. It is the personification of living the teachings of Jesus. It is about me, living my life as the incarnation of the Divine each of us can be, while on this plane. It is about me doing good, and seeing good in everything I do. It is about not judging others, and knowing everyone is trying to do the best they can with what they have. It is about me taking the high road when confronted with choices or challenges. It is about loving my neighbor and about turning the other cheek. It’s about living our humanity AND our divinity. It’s about following my heart, not necessarily my head. And it is about living my life in love, in peace, and in joy! It is about Loving myself first, and enough, that I can love others. It is about knowing that , just as the lilies of the fields hall not want or need anything, neither do I, because God, or Spirit, or Source Energy, or whatever you choose to call it, provides me with all my needs. It is about being open to accepting all the good that is being sent in my direction and accepting it graciously and with a grateful heart.

And ultimately, it is about doing all of this without even having to think about. It’s about this just being me.

~rev jim

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