Chaos is No-thing wanting to be something.

Huge Tidal wave with man“Staring down Chaos, we can recognize that there is no space, no ease, no footing in it.”
-Kathleen Dowling Singh, The Grace in Aging

Chaos. What is it that creates this state in our lives? Mostly, it’s from us giving our power away. When we have lost our direction, our purpose, and start giving in to all the multitude of external and contradictory data, stories and uninformed comments, this confusing cacophony of misinformation can disorient us, if we don’t pull back from it.

We should instead, listen to that guide within us that helps us make our own, informed decisions based on an intuitive knowing from empirical data we have filtered through our own lens of life.

Living in chaos, is like trying to build a house on quicksand. There is no solid footing on which to build and we constantly sink back into the mire, into the chaos. It gets down to one thing; Love.

It always seems to return to this. Love is the only thing upon which to build your life. When you love you, when you accept you with all your seeming imperfections (individualized perfections), you can weather any storm. There is nothing you can’t move beyond. You look at your life, taking responsibility for everything in it, realizing that missteps aren’t the end, but the start of a new beginning.

When Edison created the light bulb, he made thousands of missteps before he finally found the right combination of elements to give a stable platform to light the bulb reliably and consistently. Because he trusted and believed he could, he achieved it. There was no chaos to him, only a knowing that he had within himself the power to create this.

Love jumpstarts that creative process.

~rev jim

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