Change your Life

merton07Why change? There are numerous reasons to change one’s life. Most of them boil down to you’re not happy with your life in its present state.

So how do you change it? You change your thinking. You change the way you look at things. By things, I mean your life, your friends, your job, your life experiences.

The first thing you might want to do is, “lose the story of who hurt you or the many things that have led up to where you are now.” Why? Because, unless you allow it to, your past has no power over you today! Even if you were presently in jail, you have the choice of thinking that your life is over. It may be forever changed, but that’s all right. Life is in constant change, and yes, your life may be “on hold” while incarcerated, but every day leading up to your release, you can work on how you can build something new and good for yourself, when you get out.

Those who are not in jail can start right now, in this moment! Be ready to change a lot of things, depending on your life and surroundings. Change can be easy, but usually not. It is though, way more rewarding than staying in an untenable situation. If it’s not working for you, it’s untenable!

Take a leap of faith. You could create the life of your dreams! How great would that be?

-rev jim
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