Practicing the Creative Energy of Prayer

Practice Painless Living

Spiritual Mind Treatment has the ability to answer any question you might have, it will move you past where you feel stuck.  You have the right to ask for clarity and understanding. We will work through concepts like how we feel about money and how we feel about love. The two are connected in energy. We will look at the difference between rich beliefs and poor beliefs about money. You’ll be able to see which beliefs you might have inherited.

There is a definite connection that can be felt, it creates excitement and expectancy. This spiritual energy is like an agreement between similar thoughts moving in the same pattern and direction and getting results.

Learn to:

  • Develop and enhance your understanding of your spiritual nature
  • Expand and uncover the limitations of beliefs.
  • Reconnect in a deeper way to your authentic self as you experience the power of your word.
  • Allow yourself the inner peace of living in the awareness of the connection with your source of wholeness.

Instructor: Rev. Dr. JoAnn Lanning

Text: (As a reference) How To Use The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes

Pricing: Love Offering  

Dates: TBA

Time: TBA

Where: Online in ZOOM 

Length: 1 1/2  hours a week for 4 weeks

Value to Practitioners: 6 CEUs, Certificate of Completion upon finishing of course
Please check for pre-approved Centers, or request your Senior Minister’s permission.

Zoom info provided upon registering for the course.

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