Center CEU Pre-Approvals

Some Centers have pre-approved their Practitioners to take classes with Spirit Education. The List is below.

If your Center has not given its pre-approval, you should ask your Senior Minister for their approval prior to taking a course with Spirit Education for Continuing Education Credits.

If you would like to see your Center grant pre-approval, ask your Senior Minister to email with their approval, including contact information and our Director will get back to them to verify their approval.

If you don’t recognize your senior minister in this list, let me know and I will contact the new Senior Minister for their approval.

Thank you for considering Spirit Education for your CEU requirements.

CSL Anacortes Rev. Donna Smith
CSL Capistrano Valley Dr. Heather Clark
Columbia CSL Rev. Brian  Akers
Center for Spiritual Living, Davis Rev. Sara Nichols  
Center for Spiritual Living Modesto Rev. Christine Holmer  
Namaste CSL Rev James Peak
Center for Spiritual Living Ventura Rev Bonnie Rose
Vision CSL Rev. Patti Paris
Center for Spiritual Living Palm Springs Rev. Michael Kearney
Rockland Center for Spiritual Living Rev. Jennifer Berkeley
CSL Cape Coral Rev. Emile Gauvreau 
Two Rivers Center for Spiritual Living Rev. Patricia Rumpza
Center for Spiritual Living North Jersey Rev. Michelle Wadleigh
CSL Ft. Lauderdale Rev. Dr. Chris Michaels
Claremont CSL Rev. Tracy Earlywine

Spirit Education is a
CSL Authorized Virtual Education Provider