What if

What if life actually worked for you.What if you didn’t have to be at the affect me of the world?What if you didn’t have to be a victim?What if you could let go of the story that you created of victim hood?What if there is a power in the universe that wants you to succeed?What if everything you ever wanted is there for your asking?What if you are the only one keeping you from having […]

Do you wish?

Wishing for something is OK, but if you don’t want to wait forever, and you really want it, you’ll want to “do” something to help make it happen! Example: I wish I had a job, so I fill out a job application! ~revjim #spirit-edu.com -Spirituality Online#aworldthatworksSpirit Education is a CSL Authorized Virtual Education Providerhttps://spirit-edu.comhttps://spirit-edu.com/zoominar/