On Seeking

“Our conceptual minds like being involved in searching and seeking and sometimes prolong it, slyly keeping ego alive and kicking in the process, hoping for its own ‘enlightenment.’”~Kathleen Dowling Singh, The Grace in Living There is so much available today for individuals seeking something greater in their lives, so much so, that people spend most of their lives seeking something that seems elusive to them. It seems to me that spending all their time seeking […]

Truth Revisited

I find myself writing about truth and authenticity quite often. While I am speaking to “my truth” all of the time, there are certain truths that I hold to be true for everyone. One such truth is “All men (and women) are created equal.” And then I realize that at this point in time and space, this is only my truth. It may be a belief that is held by many and it may be […]

Self-Love or Narcissism

“If I asked you to name all the things that you love, how long would it take to name yourself?” A Facebook friend recently responded about post image about self-love that she was afraid it sounded narcissistic if she stated that. I guess my direct comment would be, “yes, it would, if you would go around declaring that to everyone,” but what I feel is that self-love is the basis for loving others. Narcissism is […]

Know the Truth of the Divine in You!

Rumi class begins January 12, 2018 from Love, in Peace, ~revjim -Spirituality Online#aworldthatworksSpirit Education is a CSL Authorized Virtual Education ProviderWorld Healing Meditation Online, Dec. 31 @ 7am EasternInfo here:

Prison or Paradise?

My question today is, “do you believe that you create your life by the thoughts you have? Can you, knowing that there is strife in the world, that there is killing in the world, really believe that you exist in a world of your own creation? Thinking about that for a moment, are you responsible for that killing or that strife? Heady thoughts, aren’t they? Chances are each of us may be to some degree […]