The company we keep

We often, in spiritual community, speak of being with like-minded people. The question becomes, “what makes someone a like-minded person?” My definition may be different from other peoples or even yours. To me, “like minded people are those I can communicate with. We don’t communicate with everyone we speak with. We may speak to some. We may talk at them. We may react to something they say, but we don’t accept them as like minded. […]

Self-Love or Narcissism

“If I asked you to name all the things that you love, how long would it take to name yourself?” A Facebook friend recently responded about post image about self-love that she was afraid it sounded narcissistic if she stated that. I guess my direct comment would be, “yes, it would, if you would go around declaring that to everyone,” but what I feel is that self-love is the basis for loving others. Narcissism is […]

Love Transcends Chaos.

“Staring down Chaos, we can recognize that there is no space, no ease, no footing in it.” -Kathleen Dowling Singh, The Grace in Aging Chaos. What is it that creates this state in our lives? Mostly, it’s from us giving our power away. When we have lost our direction, our purpose, and start giving in to all the multitude of external and contradictory data, stories and uninformed comments, this confusing cacophony of misinformation can disorient […]

The Company You Keep

This is often a very touchy topic, but I wouldn’t be me, if I wasn’t willing to put my foot in my mouth. Have you ever thought about how your friends or those around you affect your life, as in your thoughts, feelings and attitudes? If you’ve been trying to change your life and how it’s working for you, one of the things you must change is all the negativity that goes on around you. […]