What if

What if life actually worked for you.What if you didn’t have to be at the affect me of the world?What if you didn’t have to be a victim?What if you could let go of the story that you created of victim hood?What if there is a power in the universe that wants you to succeed?What if everything you ever wanted is there for your asking?What if you are the only one keeping you from having […]

You are Powerful Beyond Your Dreams

“It is our choices…that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities” – J. K. Rowling It’s funny actually how much truth there is in this. At any given time our abilities have the potential of holding us back from attaining our dreams and thoughts of what we can be. If I was to count the times I started a new business instead of just continuing to work for someone else, I’d probably […]

What is your Spiritual Practice?

Do you even realize you may have a spiritual practice? Do you find yourself sitting on the front porch just staring at the evening sky lost in contemplation? Do you sit in front of the tube and realize about fifteen minutes into a show that you haven’t heard or seen a thing that was said? Or, do you find yourself sitting at a traffic light in your car not realizing the light has changed until […]

Giving Up!

Funny, this word never used to be in my vocabulary. It still isn’t in the conventional sense. I have never given up on something I’ve thought was worthwhile. As I think about this, I know that I’ve almost never done something that I didn’t think was worthwhile, for me or someone I was trying to help. So what has changed? Only the most basic reason, that I am doing it for me, or that I […]

The Company You Keep

This is often a very touchy topic, but I wouldn’t be me, if I wasn’t willing to put my foot in my mouth. Have you ever thought about how your friends or those around you affect your life, as in your thoughts, feelings and attitudes? If you’ve been trying to change your life and how it’s working for you, one of the things you must change is all the negativity that goes on around you. […]

Positive Thoughts

I was out buying a car the other day and my salesman was a young man with a new family. Well, we were talking while I was test driving and he said, “it is what it is” to something we were talking about. Before I knew it, we were talking about living in the now, in this moment, that the past has no power over us except the power we give it. It is the […]

Our Thoughts Create

You have probably heard this, but have you ever really thought about it? Have you thought about how your thoughts affect your life, your choices and your decisions? There are some who knock positivity as a naïve thing, but imagine how sad it would be to always go into an interview or a meeting thinking that you “not” going to get a job, or no one was going to like your ideas. What a depressing […]

Would you rather be Right or be Happy?

Sometimes you manufacture scenarios and put them in your own way just to prove a point. It is as if you would rather be right than happy. When you catch yourself doing that stop and say, “This unpleasant thought is unnecessary.” Then choose one that feels better.—Abraham Would you rather be Right or be Happy? This thought has always made me laugh, because it is truly a no-brainier to me and and being happy is […]