Reflections on Mysticism


It’s something we all feel from time to time. Mostly we feel it from expectations we have made with another. It could be related to a business relationship, a personal relationship or a combination of both. We all handle it in different ways. In different times of our lives, we may have handled it differently also.  Many get angry, and feel violated, used, or even betrayed by a friend or colleague. We may seek restitution, […]

Know that ye are Gods?

Jesus tried time. and time again to tell the crowds and his disciples that everyone was like him that each of us has the power to heal, the power to change our lives and the world just by changing our thoughts. It was so 2,000 years ago and it is so today. There was no magic formula to Jesus’ teachings beyond a willingness on our parts to forgive and be grateful. Of course, it’s more […]