present moment

Take your head out of your past!

Most of the time, we think of death as being the end of life. The definition for rebirth is “to be born again!” Put the two together, dying to the old” and “born again,” and you have what many evangelicals refer to as being “Born again.” I think of being born again as being a daily event at the very least. Every day of our life we have “stuff” happen in our lives, which offer […]

How do you start your day? (Happy or grumpy)

I still remember when I left my banking “career” and became a carpenter on a small island. From the first day I moved there, I would wake up in the morning and greet the sunrise through my front window and proclaim, “What a glorious day! I may not be in first place, but I’m way ahead of whatever is in second place!” I’ve never forgotten that and though my waking prayer has become much more […]

When you Let Go of Ego . . .

You open into the “Present Moment” and in that split second, you can realize the ONEness of your humanity and your divinity. It is this consciousness that Thomas Merton calls the “Whole Human.” ~revjim -Spirituality Online#aworldthatworksSpirit Education is a CSL Authorized Virtual Education Provider Zoom:

Laugh Out Loud! Lol

As someone who loves a good laugh, I know there’s nothing better than an infectious laugh to lift your spirits! Think about the last time you really had a god laugh. It still brings a smile to your face, doesn’t it? That’s because you let go of everything else and you’re present in the moment. All your troubles fall away, all your pains are forgotten, and all you think about is the probably outrageous statement […]