What is your Spiritual Practice?

Do you even realize you may have a spiritual practice? Do you find yourself sitting on the front porch just staring at the evening sky lost in contemplation? Do you sit in front of the tube and realize about fifteen minutes into a show that you haven’t heard or seen a thing that was said? Or, do you find yourself sitting at a traffic light in your car not realizing the light has changed until […]

What is your Spiritual Practice?

Do you have a spiritual practice? Does it sound too woo-woo for a manly man, or even a highly motivated woman? Chances are you do and don’t even realize it. But don’t worry, I wont tell anyone. Basically, Spiritual Practice is all about taking care of you. Mostly, we find ourselves taking care of others, helping them with their life’s, but usually at the expense of our own. So, here are a few of my […]

Personal Peace can rock your world

Are you at peace where you are right now? It’s a fair question, because, even if you don’t see yourself as the success you had hoped to be by now, or you’re not sure of your ultimate direction, but you can be at peace in the present moment, then you are in a peaceful place. When you don’t allow your circumstances to rule your roost, you can be much more open to the possibility of […]

On Being Happy

“Happiness is a contagion which could lead to viral happiness and smiles and actually create peace all around you.” ~jts Everything in our life is a choice and how we choose determines how we see our life. Are you happy? Or, do you wake in the morning and wonder “What’s going to go wrong today?” Do you fear that things that haven’t happened yet will? Do you feel that something bad is going to happen […]