Staying in Pain-Stuck in the Mud

This is something we say we don’t want ever, yet we seem to not be willing to let go of our stories easily. “He did this to me and my life is over” or “she/he cheated on me and I’ll never find another love” or “the bank turned down my loan, and now I’ll be ruined!” We create unnecessary pain for ourselves by wallowing in our stories and making the story our life, when it’s […]

Prison or Paradise?

My question today is, “do you believe that you create your life by the thoughts you have? Can you, knowing that there is strife in the world, that there is killing in the world, really believe that you exist in a world of your own creation? Thinking about that for a moment, are you responsible for that killing or that strife? Heady thoughts, aren’t they? Chances are each of us may be to some degree […]

Hope as a Possibility

Often, people say don’t accept hope as a possibility, because it is also trusting in the alternate, the possibility that what we are hoping for won’t happen. I don’t put a lot of faith in this idea. I believe that beyond all doubt, Hope “of achieving something” is moving in the right direction. To have hope IS a positive movement in consciousness. It is a starting point. While it may be difficult to “Know” you […]