Take your head out of your past!

Most of the time, we think of death as being the end of life. The definition for rebirth is “to be born again!” Put the two together, dying to the old” and “born again,” and you have what many evangelicals refer to as being “Born again.” I think of being born again as being a daily event at the very least. Every day of our life we have “stuff” happen in our lives, which offer […]

Peace in the midst of it all.

Peace is an inner thing, a feeling, and a knowing that, above all else, you are alright. Beyond that, to me, Peace is the inner knowing that I am loved. That, above all else, there is something in me, call it a life force, that is eternal and will live on for longer than I can ever imagine. I know and feel this, because even our bodies don’t cease to be. Their form changes back […]