Our Spiritual Nature

Behind your image, below your words, above your thoughts, the silence of another world waits. A world lives within you. No one else can bring you news of this inner world. ~ Anam Ċara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom   Our spiritual nature is an inextricable part of us. Yet, while we do not wear it on our sleeve, it does live within us and there is evidence of it all around us. Nature is […]

How do you start your day? (Happy or grumpy)

I still remember when I left my banking “career” and became a carpenter on a small island. From the first day I moved there, I would wake up in the morning and greet the sunrise through my front window and proclaim, “What a glorious day! I may not be in first place, but I’m way ahead of whatever is in second place!” I’ve never forgotten that and though my waking prayer has become much more […]

The Sounds in Mindfulness

“While everybody is nodding off, I find those moments where I see sunsets and sunrises and all the times in between that are fascinating and so beautiful and it’s almost like [being] free.”-Julian Lennon It’s funny. When I found this quote, I saw the brackets around the “being” implying that the person who added the word, did so for clarity, and maybe he did, and that was Julian’s intent. The quote is obviously out of […]

What is Salvation?

“It is not only our hatred of others that is dangerous but also and above all our hatred of ourselves: particularly that hatred of ourselves which is too deep and too powerful to be consciously faced. For it is this which makes us see our own evil in others and unable to see it in ourselves.” -New Seeds of Contemplation, Thomas Merton Long ago, I used to prayer to God to deliver me from evil. […]

What is the contemplative experience?

“WE do not see God in contemplation—we know Him by love: for He is pure Love and when we taste the experience of loving God for His own sake alone, we know by experience Who and what He is.”  ~Thomas Merton, “New Seeds of Contemplation,” pg. 268 ~rev jim  “New Seeds of Contemplation” Online Spiritual Education #peace   #aworldthatworks Spirit Education is an authorized CSL Virtual Education Provider