Can Peace be Attained?

I feel obliged to speak a little about Peace as it pertains to today’s world. So much of the world is polarized right now by the political climate that exists, not only in this country, but around the world. So much so, that there no longer seems to be any common ground from which we can begin to build a lasting peace. Yes, all that seems crazy, but I believe it is marking a move […]

What Lies Within You?

Behind your image, below your words, above your thoughts, the silence of another world waits. A world lives within you. No one else can bring you news of this inner world.—John O’Donahue, Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “what lies outside you matters little to what lies within you.” There are few in the world that really get this. Said differently in all the religious faiths, by primarily the outliers […]

There is still time to sign up and join us!

Spirit Education Focus Ministry is offering a course, “12 Steps to a More Compassionate Life.” This course is being offered on Zoom beginning March 28th at 11am Eastern, 8am Pacific and runs for 7 weeks. It is timely as our world is struggling to make sense of all the seeming chaos happening all around the world. You can get additional information and sign up at Karen Armstrong was instrumental in bringing the Charter for […]

Living in Grace isn’t just for old people!

Join us as we explore how to have a more gracious, loving and compassionate life. You don’t have to be old to embrace these principles. It’s just that most people don’t slow down enough during most of their lives to realize there is another way. We are introduced to fear, and limitation at a young age and buy into a dog-eat-dog mentality. We see it all around us, in the news, in our TV shows, […]

I am Held in the Hands of Grace

What does this mean to me? It means that whatever I do, wherever I am, God has my back. It means that Spirit always watches over me. It means that if I get hurt, God will help to heal me, to reveal the truth of the moment to me. It means that, when I die, I may cease to exist on this plane, but I do not cease to exist. I will transcend death, just […]

Man’s inhumanity continues . . .

As the Charlottesville incident is still fresh in our minds,I have to ask myself, Why? First, why is there such a visceral reaction in me to this senseless violence , and second, what is it in me that creates a space that allows this to happen? To the first, I just can’t understand what it is in people that brings them to such a place of loss that they see no other option than to […]