The company we keep

We often, in spiritual community, speak of being with like-minded people. The question becomes, “what makes someone a like-minded person?” My definition may be different from other peoples or even yours. To me, “like minded people are those I can communicate with. We don’t communicate with everyone we speak with. We may speak to some. We may talk at them. We may react to something they say, but we don’t accept them as like minded. […]

Take charge of your life

Imagine if today you could start your life all over again and you knew everything you did today. What would you do given the circumstances of your former life, and all you knew that happened then? Would you start by taking your own advice, that advise that’s like a voice from within you? Or, would you listen to everyone around you who may be struggling, working hard and getting nowhere and think that is the […]

Let go of the old ideas that don’t Serve

Have you ever taken a chance? Have you ever thought about doing something that was so beyond anything you’d ever done before that it scared the hell out of you? The rush you felt, that exhilaration, was not just the adrenaline rush of fear, anxiety, and the unknown, it was Spirit filling your once empty soul, as the new that’s entering your conscious awareness, becomes aware that you are aware of It. Peace is.