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Mystics as Mentors- Our First Class

Mystics as Mentors is our first online course offering at Spirit Education! Rev. Mary Altalo, PhD, RScP, who was a Marine Biologist and college professor in a former life, has developed a series of courses called “Mystics as Mentors: Journeys into Unitive Consciousness.” The first in the series is based on the work of the 1st century Mystics, Jesus, Thomas, Mary Magdalene, John and Paul. Drawing on Ken Wilber’s integral theory and readings from Richard […]

Stay tuned for good things. . .

In case you haven’t heard, Spirit Education is going to be teaching some great courses here for you. Whether you are looking for CEUs as a SOM Practitioner or just interested in working on your spiritual development, our teachers will have something you can grow your spiritual nature on. Dive deep into the writings of Jalāl ad-Dīn Rumi, the Persian Sufi mystic poet, or take a new look at your life by diving into the […]