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Make a Joyful Noise

“By following through on conscious choices, we can rewire our responses toward love, trust, and patience. Neuroscience calls this ‘neuroplasticity.’” ~Richard Rohr, The Universal Christ   I watched a video by Jane Goodall this morning on YouTube called Mother Earth (https://youtu.be/48mxaQtbUdU) in which she spoke about the interdependency of all life on the planet. She spoke of how we, as a species have single-handedly in the last 100 years (my words) have managed to cause […]

Our Spiritual Nature

Behind your image, below your words, above your thoughts, the silence of another world waits. A world lives within you. No one else can bring you news of this inner world. ~ Anam Ċara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom   Our spiritual nature is an inextricable part of us. Yet, while we do not wear it on our sleeve, it does live within us and there is evidence of it all around us. Nature is […]

The Circle of Life

The risen Christ is the standing icon of humanity in its full and final destiny. He is the pledge and guarantee of what God will do with all our crucifixions. ~from Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditation 4.1.18 It is with hope that we are able to move beyond all of the desperate, fearful moments of our life. It is in these times that our faith carries us above any hurtful residues of the past that, without […]

The company we keep

We often, in spiritual community, speak of being with like-minded people. The question becomes, “what makes someone a like-minded person?” My definition may be different from other peoples or even yours. To me, “like minded people are those I can communicate with. We don’t communicate with everyone we speak with. We may speak to some. We may talk at them. We may react to something they say, but we don’t accept them as like minded. […]

Staying in Pain-Stuck in the Mud

This is something we say we don’t want ever, yet we seem to not be willing to let go of our stories easily. “He did this to me and my life is over” or “she/he cheated on me and I’ll never find another love” or “the bank turned down my loan, and now I’ll be ruined!” We create unnecessary pain for ourselves by wallowing in our stories and making the story our life, when it’s […]

International Day of Peace

On September 21st, Spirit Education will be celebrating the United Nations International Day of Peace with an Online Meditation in ZOOM for just that, PEACE! We need your prayers everyday for peace in these times, and with the efforts of A.G.N.T, the United Nations and millions around the world, we can make our voices known. Join us online @6:55 pm Eastern or “in consciousness” for a half hour of prayer and meditation. Spread the word […]

Respond or React

We have no means of discriminating between right and wrong if we do not take into account others’ feelings, others’ suffering.-Dali Lama, Ethics for the New Millennium It is in this quote that the idea of “ethics” begins to merge with the ideas of authenticity, compassion, love, and empathy. As we consciously think about how we want to respond or react to the thought of others, we need to think about how our definitions of […]

I trust the process.

“We will never get anywhere unless we can accept the fact that politics is an inextricable tangle of good and evil motives in which, perhaps, the evil predominate but where one must continue to hope doggedly in what little good can still be found”. -New Seeds of Contemplation, Thomas Merton Richard Rohr also talks about the complete person being beyond the “broken world” and, in a broader dialog, that without spirituality we are incomplete, not […]

Change your Life

Why change? There are numerous reasons to change one’s life. Most of them boil down to you’re not happy with your life in its present state. So how do you change it? You change your thinking. You change the way you look at things. By things, I mean your life, your friends, your job, your life experiences. The first thing you might want to do is, “lose the story of who hurt you or the […]

Our Thoughts Create

You have probably heard this, but have you ever really thought about it? Have you thought about how your thoughts affect your life, your choices and your decisions? There are some who knock positivity as a naïve thing, but imagine how sad it would be to always go into an interview or a meeting thinking that you “not” going to get a job, or no one was going to like your ideas. What a depressing […]