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What if

What if life actually worked for you.What if you didn’t have to be at the affect me of the world?What if you didn’t have to be a victim?What if you could let go of the story that you created of victim hood?What if there is a power in the universe that wants you to succeed?What if everything you ever wanted is there for your asking?What if you are the only one keeping you from having […]

There is still time to sign up and join us!

Spirit Education Focus Ministry is offering a course, “12 Steps to a More Compassionate Life.” This course is being offered on Zoom beginning March 28th at 11am Eastern, 8am Pacific and runs for 7 weeks. It is timely as our world is struggling to make sense of all the seeming chaos happening all around the world. You can get additional information and sign up at https://spirit-edu.com/12steps Karen Armstrong was instrumental in bringing the Charter for […]

The company we keep

We often, in spiritual community, speak of being with like-minded people. The question becomes, “what makes someone a like-minded person?” My definition may be different from other peoples or even yours. To me, “like minded people are those I can communicate with. We don’t communicate with everyone we speak with. We may speak to some. We may talk at them. We may react to something they say, but we don’t accept them as like minded. […]

Staying in Pain-Stuck in the Mud

This is something we say we don’t want ever, yet we seem to not be willing to let go of our stories easily. “He did this to me and my life is over” or “she/he cheated on me and I’ll never find another love” or “the bank turned down my loan, and now I’ll be ruined!” We create unnecessary pain for ourselves by wallowing in our stories and making the story our life, when it’s […]

Oh Woe Is Me?

“We will never get anywhere unless we can accept the fact that politics is an inextricable tangle of good and evil motives in which, perhaps, the evil predominate but where one must continue to hope doggedly in what little good can still be found”. Thomas Merton, New Seeds of Contemplation, Pg. 116   Life is full of perceived good and evil. Every day we make choices in how we live our lives. We can get […]

Are you ready for the Journey?

Are you ready to forgive? No Mud, No Lotus, A Journey into Forgiveness is a course created for your personal freedom. Your subconscious is a receptacle for all things good and painful over the course of your life. Everything is collected and housed in your memory banks. Having taken residence in your subconscious allows these memories and stories are a cause in your life that informs more of your behavior and decisions than you might […]

Season for Peace & Non-Violence and Love

Today marks the beginning of the Associated Global New Thought’s Season for Peace & Non-Violence. I would live to see us all begin to embody this thought, but I am powerless to make it happen, in so much as, I cannot force anyone to desire this or want this to be the norm, which it is not. Everywhere you turn, people are messing with the peace of individuals, communities, cities, states, nations, and even the […]

The Ego and Suffering

“The saint knows that the world and everything made by God is good, while those who are not saints either think that created things are unholy, or else they don’t bother about the question one way or another because they are only interested in themselves.” Thomas Merton, New Seeds of Contemplation In reading this statement, it made me think. If Merton believes this, how did he justify his need to rail against the conflict created […]

Mystical Streams of the 1st Millennium

Please join Rev. Mary Altalo, RScP for whirlwind tour and study the “Ascetic Wisdom” of the Desert Fathers and Mothers such as Abba Anthony’s “Art of the Presence” and Amma Sarah of Scete’s practice for “Awakening to the Presence of God”. Share in the “Cosmological View of Creation” of Francis, Clare and marvel at the creative artistic genius of authoress, painter, musician, healer and composer Hildegard of Bingen who struggled to express her experience of […]

As within, so without…

This phrase is Biblical in nature, or so I assumed. It turns out it’s a bit of Hermetic wisdom, or at least a paraphrase of “as above, so below…” It is still a great piece of wisdom to live by. If you believe as I do that what you believe ultimately manifests in and as your life in one way or another, this phrase reinforces that premise. Sort of like the phrase “you are what […]

Truth Revisited

I find myself writing about truth and authenticity quite often. While I am speaking to “my truth” all of the time, there are certain truths that I hold to be true for everyone. One such truth is “All men (and women) are created equal.” And then I realize that at this point in time and space, this is only my truth. It may be a belief that is held by many and it may be […]