As within, so without…

as-aboveThis phrase is Biblical in nature, or so I assumed. It turns out it’s a bit of Hermetic wisdom, or at least a paraphrase of “as above, so below…” It is still a great piece of wisdom to live by.

If you believe as I do that what you believe ultimately manifests in and as your life in one way or another, this phrase reinforces that premise. Sort of like the phrase “you are what you eat.” This of course means that if you eat until you drop, you get just that. Have you ever been to an “all you can eat” buffet? No only does the menu consist of a whole bunch of carbs, but so much of the menu is usually fried, which is also not good for you in excess. Have you ever seen anyone go to these buffets and only eat one plate?

Anyway, we all need to be mindful not only of what we eat, but also what we think. Our thoughts can be harmful to us. Depression is usually caused by our own thoughts or a continuing string of thoughts that create the downward spiral which puts us into a hole we can’t get out of by ourselves, if we’re not paying attention.

How can we keep this from happening? We need to pay attention to our thoughts. Be aware of what we are thinking and not dwell upon the things that we don’t want to have in our lives, whether they are people, places or things.

Are you paying attention?

~rev jim

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