Are Your Needs Being Met, Spiritually?

team-spirit-2447163_640A friend just confided that hers were no longer being met with the community she was involved in. There are so many things we get from and expect of community. Number 1 is like-minded people. What is that?

People who have similar wants, needs and desires, spiritually and, and in most cases, business and personally. Most people want the camaraderie of those who can uplift and challenge them to be their highest and best. Who doesn’t?

We all need a friend when we’re down or someone to share our uplifting moments with. We need people to laugh with, to cry with, and because we’re communal animals, we just need to be around others who operate in the same vibration we do.

Spiritually, we may want to pray with someone, or just brainstorm some business ideas with them.

While there is no real replacement for physical community, if that is not an option, I highly recommend you find something. If you are at all tech savvy today, and the requirements aren’t that “techy,” I highly recommend you find even an online community that you can interact with. There are many “Virtual” churches and spiritual out there. Check us out, if nothing else is working for you.

from Love, in Peace,

~revjim -Spirituality Online
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