Are you ready for the Journey?

Are you ready to forgive?

600X-no-mud-w-freeNo Mud, No Lotus, A Journey into Forgiveness is a course created for your personal freedom. Your subconscious is a receptacle for all things good and painful over the course of your life. Everything is collected and housed in your memory banks. Having taken residence in your subconscious allows these memories and stories are a cause in your life that informs more of your behavior and decisions than you might realize.

One of the most direct ways to clear out those unconscious and unwanted influences is through the practice of forgiveness. Although I greatly admire the work of Colin Tipping and his work: Radical Forgiveness, for me one thing was always missing – PRAYER. Prayer, Spiritual Mind Treatment used and applied in a very specific way offers the opportunity to clear out the effect of old pain in the most potent, comprehensive and permanent way. We, those practicing the Science of Mind, have our hands on the best tool for transformation, but it must be applied with great precision.

Forgiveness is spiritual in nature, but it is also very logical. You will learn to look at all aspects of your being to bring about the freedom that comes with forgiveness.

Rev. Michelle is offering a FREE 90 min. Intro to No Mud, No Lotus on March 1st!

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~rev jim

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