Anne (Naava) Dewey, RScP

Anne (Naava) Dewey, RScPAnne (Naava) Dewey is a CSL Practitioner who makes her home in California at CSL Santa Rosa.

She has been a corporate trainer for 12 years teaching topics that included customer service, effective presentations, business writing, energy conservation, and solar design.

She has taught Aikido to adults and children for 3 years.

And, she has assisted teaching  for 4 “semesters” in: Foundations, Financial Freedom, How to Be an Adult in Relationships, and Mindfulness Meditation, at CSL Santa Rosa.  She also facilitated an independent 4 week seminar called “Get a Handle On It.”

Now, she is also a teacher with Spirit Education and has launched her first course, “5 Levels of Attachment” based on the book written by don Miguel Ruiz, Jr.