Accent the Positive

check-file-glyph-icon_fkPSbT8d_LI always wonder why people choose to not see the possibility of good in a situation.

Take for instance, when one is either going into or coming out of a job interview. How often does one go into a job interview knowing they are going to totally smoke the interview? Mostly they are nervous or apprehensive, because they think they are not good enough or not qualified for the job. If they went in radiating the idea that the job was already theirs, they would probably get the job.

Conversely, when they leave an interview or are turned down for a job, why think, “I wasn’t qualified” or “I never get the good jobs.” Why not go to the place, where you know, “If this is not my perfect job, the next interview is going to be mine. I am ready for something even better!”

Being positive is all about taking charge of and responsibility for your life.

~rev jim
Online Spiritual Education
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