Angela Alcantar, R.Sc.P.

Angela Alcantar, founder of The True You 2day, LLC, is dedicated to life-long learning. As an author, teacher, coach, encourager, her clear purpose is to empower others to live an authentic life from their soul’s center. “Let your soul’s song sing!” Angela passionately seeks Truth, not only for herself but she looks for ways in which to help others do the same for themselves. She does not use one method, but is always creative as she adapts her work to each individual situation. She believes there is a power and a presence in the Universe that is for good—and that each person can use this energy to create more good, love and satisfaction in their own lives.

2017 Spiritual Practitioner, RScP, Centers for Spiritual Living

2013 Professional Coach Certification, New Vibe Training

2004 Master of Arts in Teaching, Willamette University

2001 B.A. in Psychology/Community Crime Prevention,

Victim Offender Reconciliation & Community Mediation

Strength Finder 2.o: Strategic, Futuristic, Connectedness, Input, Activator