Prayer Works!

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet. . .
~ William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

Prayer Works!

prayerWe always talk about prayer, which is the backbone of our teaching, and talk about how effective it is. We tend sometimes to be almost elitist with our effectiveness claims. The bottom line is, Prayer Works!

Is the way we pray any better than anyone elses? Yes and no.

The way we pray is called “scientific,” in as much as it has specific steps that have been proven again and again. And, depending on what minister’s site you go to or what author’s book you read even that varies. Even our Centers for Spiritual Living’s official previous organizations put forth two different styles of Treatment/Prayer.  One was 5 step and the other, well a 5 and 7 step. It caused a brief stir until it was realized that the two additional steps were “understood” within the 5 step treatment.

But really, is any religion’s style of prayer better than another? Not if it’s from the heart and not if it’s not from a place of fear, lack, or desperation alone. If when we pray, we pray with a sense completion, put our demand to the universe knowing that our word is made manifest, however that may sound to you, the universe must respond. If on the other hand, your prayer is filled with doubt, and lost in a place of lack, then whether there are 5 steps or 55 steps, it will make no difference.

So, if Spiritual Mind Treatment/Affirmative Prayer is more effective, it is because the steps create an alignment within the pray-er and their God and the pray-er then steps a firm intention not to cure the illness or the lack, but to know the truth for themselves in the spiritual is the same Truth of themselves in the physical world. It is a positive affirmation of the faith and belief behind the word they seek to heal. To truly know that it is already done and accomplished is the highest form of faith. When the cripple stated to Jesus that if he could just touch “the hem of his garment” he knew he would be healed, he made a powerful statement of faith, not about Jesus as a healer, but of his own perfect, in the moment, faith, and so it was! And Jesus’ words were, “by your faith you are healed.”

On this day, know that your love and your faith are all you need to live abundantly. Believe and all else is added.


~rev jim