3 Steps to Making Conscious Choices

three-steps-300x3001) Still Your Thoughts

When we still your thoughts, we make room for Spirit or God, the Presence, to be recognized within us. It is always there, but most of the time we are so busy with busy-ness that we don’t notice. By being in the moment we allow our thoughts to fall away and we shed the façade that ego superimposes on us we move into our more authentic self.

2) Become the Observer

With ego out of the picture, we have the ability to become the observer of our thoughts and the world. As the observer, we are no longer judging ourselves or our situations, and we can see everything as just actions. These products which move before us are now available for us to choose from. We can then make our choices from a non-judgmental place. We make our decisions from a place of observations rather than reaction.

3) Make Responsible Choices

As we make our decisions from the non-judgmental place of observer, our choices become authentic choices we can live with. From here, we can accept responsibility for these actions and know we have made responsible choices.

~rev jim


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