Daily Archives: August 12, 2017

Eliminate the Negative

Have you ever noticed how, when you’re in a group talking, there always seems to be someone who just has nothing constructive to say and they tend to dominate the conversation with oftentimes unrelated trivial drivel? They tend to drive a wedge into a discussion that causes the group to disburse unless they are gently brought back to the light side! The unfortunate thing is, they don’t realize how much their attitude reflects how their […]

Take charge of your life

Imagine if today you could start your life all over again and you knew everything you did today. What would you do given the circumstances of your former life, and all you knew that happened then? Would you start by taking your own advice, that advise that’s like a voice from within you? Or, would you listen to everyone around you who may be struggling, working hard and getting nowhere and think that is the […]

World Peace

Where does “Peace” begin? Many seem to think it begins with one country abdicating some of its power to another country or one faction within a country agreeing to ceasing hostilities with the other side. This is so far from the truth. Why? Because in order to have peace anywhere, the way we look at each other has to change at a fundamental and individual level! In order for that to happen, I must not […]