Daily Archives: June 16, 2017

Practicing the Presence

We are always “in the presence.” What do I mean by that? Being a spiritual person, I believe in God. You can call it Buddha, Mohammed, Great Spirit, Elohim, Divine Source, universal Love, Source Vibration, Divine Impulse, the energetic vibration of the universe, self, or whatever works for you. The problem is, as mere mortals with all sorts of “stuff” going on in our lives, both good and bad by our judgment, we tend to […]

Go inward to change the outer.

“the mere ability we human beings have to sing the praises of love and compassion is a most precious gift.”-Dali Lama, Ethics for the New Millennium, Ch.5 As I facilitated a course based on the Dali Lama’s book, I saw this as a timely issue, because both ethics, and compassion are based in Love. Without Love, we lack the ability to have empathy and therefore compassion. We live in relationship with others out of common […]

In the stillness the Divine enters

“In our creation, God asked a question and in our truly living; God answers the question.” ― Thomas Merton, New Seeds of Contemplation In the silence, in that place between our thoughts, God is talking to us, telling us that our highest idea of good is what we could be doing. This comes to us in contemplation. It most likely won’t come to us in guided meditation or in a conversation in a bar. It […]