1st Century Mystics

Rev. Mary Altalo will be offering a newly updated “Mystics of the 1st Century” course from her “Mystics as Mentors” series… 

It will be dynamic, interactive and inspiring class filled with the flavors of the early religions and characters of the time, like John, Paul, Mary Magdalene, and Thomas, and Jeshua. In it, we will come to a greater understanding of “Unitive Consciousness” in the words of the masters themselves and more modern mystics like Joel Goldsmith, Richard Rohr, James Finley and Ken Wilber.

Through the workbook, PowerPoint presentations, and discussion, we will develop a clearer concept of unitive consciousness, and how it related to the first teachers of Christianity.

The class begins October 4, for six weeks.

More information, pricing and sign up https://spirit-edu.com/learn/courses/1st-century-mystics


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